Initial cost vs. long term use.

E-learning’s booming popularity is most commonly attributed to the following benefits:
  • Increased capacity to instruct more students while maintaining learning outcome quality equal to comparable forms of face-to-face instruction
  • Increased cost-effectiveness of assembling and disseminating instructional content
  • Enhanced quality and consistency of learning experiences and outcomes
  • Long term saving of know-how of experienced personnel

self paced

Self-paced instruction is administered by giving the learner the materials he/she needs to complete the training/instruction.
As in self-paced, the learner is responsible for staying on task and on schedule. However, the progress of learning can be checked by the coach.

Instructor led

Instructor-led training affords the learner a guide to implement the instruction.
In instructor-led, there is interaction with an authority figure that checks the learners progress.

self study

Self-study with an expert is a combination of self-paced and instructor-led training.

blended learning

Blended learning is used when multiple learning environments and activities are combined.
Blended Learning refers to combining face-to-face with online training.

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